Optimice Valve Priming Station for SE Lab Group cage-mounted valve

Ensure Valves Are Working Properly

Optimice Charging Station for SE Lab Group cage-mounted valves

This charging station tests the drinking valve prior to being put back into service. Sometimes after valves have gone though the cage wash process, the valve may be empty or potentially damaged from the process. By testing on the station, one can observe if the valve is leaking or has a no flow situation, prior to placing mice in the cage.

Recommendations:  During toggling of the stem, the valve will be refilled and any possible debris or air bubble removed. During the charging, you may see spurts while air is clearing out, the valve is cleared for use when a good continuous flow is seen. Use a clean or sterile thin probe rather than a finger, as a finger can exert too much pressure on the stem and damage it.

Typical products purchased with this charging station are:

  • Optimice Auto-Water Cage Bottom with SE Lab Group cage-mounted valve: C79112PFSV
  • Optimice Blockparty Auto-Water Cage Bottom for Avidity/Edstrom Cage-mounted Valve: C79112PBPDFE
  • Optimice Blockparty Auto-Water Cage Bottom for SE Lab Group Cage-mounted Valves, Red: C79111MREDBPDFS
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• Confirm drinking valve operations
• Custom built for Optimice Auto-Water Cage Bottoms with an SE Lab Group cage-mounted valve