Optimice Stainless Steel Cage Card Holder with Adapter

Traditional Cage Card Holder combined with a robust assembly

This product includes the plastic cage card adapter C43250 and the stainless steel cage card holder C40252. This adapter is firmly seated into the cage bottom virtually eliminating accidental cage card holder dislodging: the bane of many technician’s work day (cage card holders are typically lightly secured to the cage and when they fall onto the floor, make a loud noise and lead to confusion with cage identification). This product can be used in place of our legacy product Optimice Cage Card Clip C40280.

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• Hanger part of assembly slips into slot on cage bottom
• Autoclave and Dry Heat Oven compatible

Adapter: HNA055 Noryl plastic
Cage Card Holder: 304L Stainless Steel

Standard 3″ x 5″ cage card