Optirat GenII Stainless Steel Cage Divider with Social Holes

Wish You Didn’t Have To Singly House And Completely Isolate Your Rodents?

Optirat GenII Stainless Steel Cage Divider with Social Holes, complete with feeder, for water bottle use only, stainless steel

According to the Guide, isolation and single housing of social species should not be considered unless justified based on experimental requirements or veterinary-related concerns for well-being. When necessary, it should be limited to the minimum period necessary; in addition, visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile contact with compatible conspecifics should be provided.

The use of Animal Care Systems cage dividers separates rodents that must be housed singly but still allows the animals to see, hear, smell and (if desired), have limited tactile contact with a cage mate. Providing appropriate conspecific contact for singly-housed rodents represents best practices and is looked upon favorably as a means to improve welfare for animals who must be housed by themselves. And it benefits more than just the singly-housed animals: The investigator keeps fewer cages, too. A win-win for all!

Recommendations: One feeder provides food to both sides of the divider and a water bottle is available for each side of the cage.


M40022OR Split feeder for Optirat GenII/Plus Dividers

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