Optirat GenII Standard Feeder C40401Optirat GenII Standard Feeder C40401

Optirat GenII Standard Feeder

Large Versatile Feeder

This feeder is easily used by a multitude of species. The large opening makes it easy to fill, use and clean. The feeder height comes into contact when the cage top is in placing, making sure food inside is protected from the climbing behaviors of many rodents. There are two bottle mounts on the feeder to hang bottle from (lower for smaller rodents). The large capacity means that the feeder typically only needs to be filled during cage change, and no top ups are required in between.

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• Easily used by Hamsters, Gerbils, Deer Mice and many other rodentia
• Can hang bottles on at two different heights from the feeder if needed
• Hangs from feature within cage


304L Stainless Steel


1100 mls/37 oz