Optirat Plus Cage Mezzanine

Expand Floor Area by 33%

Scientists are exploring how to improve the welfare of animals by improving their interior cage conditions and accessing a shelf has been identified as valuable to many rodents. Rats in the Optirat Plus Cage, with the addition of the mezzanine shelf, spend a great deal of time up on the shelf. Designed to provide thigmotaxic comfort, medium to large rats can feel the cage top and the shelf as well as the cage wall while lying on the shelf. The mezzanine increases the living space vertically, and the complexity within the cage, all important factors when considering the 3Rs, behavior studies, enhancing welfare and increasing exercise opportunities.

Recommendations:  Customers purchase mezzanine shelves with their Optirat Plus cages in order to allow rats and other rodents to perform behaviors important to welfare enhancement.

Note: This mezzanine is not compatible with Optirat Plus stand alone dividers. Choose Optirat Plus Cage Mezzanine, Feeder and Divider Combination, with Social Holes: CP79A105MSOCF.

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• Multi-level caging increases height and floor space
• Multi-level caging adds complexity and more living space
• Notches in cage bottom stabilize the shelf
• Used by rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, deer mice, and wild-caught rodents

61 in sq (394 cm sq)

Polycarbonate autoclavable to 250 F (121C)