Optirat Plus Standard Bottle and Cap

Compact Large Volume Water Bottle

This water bottle is a game changer. Traditional water bottles with a rubber stopper require a strong downward push and twist to get the stopper inside the bottle, and then a strong push on the stopper and sipper tube to get the stopper out.

This water bottle has a unique rubber threads at the seal which minimizes cage bottle leaks.  The wide mouth allows for easy filling of water;  the wide low profile of the bottle means it is difficult to topple yet contains an ample volume of water.

Recommendations: This  is the typical water bottle and cap chosen by our customers. Two bottles are used per cage. The autowater cage tops cannot accommodate the use of water bottles,  therefore when using autowater cages, be sure to order some water bottle compatible tops.

Typical products purchased with this bottle and cap are:

  • Any Optirat Plus cage bottom
  • Optirat Plus Standard Feeder with Hinged Cover: CP40F105
  • Optirat Plus External Water Bottle/Bag Cage Top: CP79T100P
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• Easy to remove and replace cap
• Includes hanger and cap
• Optional caps available including 4.5″ long sipper tube, curved sipper tube & head implant sipper tube


Bottle: Polysulfone
Cap: Radel R5100
Sipper tube: 316 Stainless Steel

16.9 oz (500 mls)