Animal Care Systems' Ergomice provides a compact and ergonomic caging system with all the features and benefits of our Optimice system. Ergomice is a lightweight, lower-cost alternative to the Optimice caging, and is available in 50-, 70-­ or 80­-cage capacities. The 70-­cage model eliminates the bottom three levels to minimize the need to bend down for access, while the 80-cage model has reduced height to accommodate shorter personnel; the 50­-cage model incorporates both of these features.

Ergomice racks use our standard Optimice cages and accessories, which are available in polycarbonate or two types of polysulfone plastic. While the 80­-cage configuration has all the same watering options as Optimice, the 50- and 70­-cage models are not available with automatic watering options; bottles and other individual cage watering options are available.

  • No noise or vibration
  • Saves energy
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Eliminates allergens and odors
  • Low-­velocity, one-­pass airflow, and total volume air change
  • Shares Optimice® caging and accessories
  • Available in three capacities: 50-­, 70-­, and 80-­cage
Included Caging Ergomice is available in 50-, 70- and 80-cage configurations. Please view the document tab for specific model technical specifications. Includes cage assemblies with filters, feeders, cage cards, and water bottles. Available in polycarbonate (M suffix), amber polysulfone (P suffix), or smoke polysulfone (S suffix)
Rack Only Dimensions
  • Ergomice50: 39.5” (1003 mm) L x 39.0” (851 mm) W x 63.8” (1621 mm) H
  • Ergomice70: 39.5" (1003 mm) L x 39.0" (99 mm) W x 77.0" (1956 mm) H
  • Ergomice80: 39.5" (1003 mm) L x 39.0" (991 mm) W x 63.8" (1621 mm) H
  • Cage Outside Dimensions 13.5” (343 mm) L x 11.5” (292 mm) W (front) x 6.1” (155 mm) H
    Cage Floor Area 76 square inches (484 square centimeters)
    Cage Material Makrolon® polycarbonate or Udel® polysulfone
    Cage Feeder Polished stainless steel wire, 17 oz (0.51 liter) capacity
    Cage Water Bottle 13.5 oz. (400 ml)
    Cage Enrichment Raised shelves at front and rear of cage