Room Layout

ACS carousel caging racks provide the highest room rack density.

When you order our equipment, our Engineering staff will work with you to develop a customized layout that maximizes your space and the efficiency of your animal rooms.

The following pictures of ACS installations will give you a better idea of what animal rooms with our equipment look like. Please note how our racks interface with the building’s HVAC system.


Animal Care Systems caging racks are connected by flexible hoses to the animal room’s exhaust port or ports. Air is not re-circulated from the cages back into the room, which completely eliminates odors, allergens and contaminants from the room. The racks must be connected to negative air pressure. Here are some samples of the duct work that hooks up the rack to your building’s HVAC room exhaust system:


Rack Estimator - Feet/Inches

Rack Estimator - Meters/Centimeters