Optimice Cage Barbed Nozzle Rear Filter Cap

Wish You Could Simplify Home-Cage Euthanasia For Your Research Mice?

Laboratory mice are euthanized on a routine basis in vivariums. Inhalant carbon dioxide is the most common method used. The goal of euthanasia is to provide a rapid, painless, and stress-free death and many regulatory guidelines now require rodents to be euthanized in their home cage whenever possible. This minimizes anxiety and disruption since the animals are not stressed by handling or by being moved to an unfamiliar environment. New guidelines also require that gradual-fill rates of chamber or cage volume be used. This requires modifications in cage set-up and/or additional equipment to ensure compliance.

Recommendations: Filter caps with nozzles can also be used for inhalant gas anesthetics (for e.g., isoflurane) for anesthesia of mice before instilling carbon dioxide. Y-pieces can be added to tubing to accommodate two or more types of gas induction (such as isoflurane prior to carbon dioxide)

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  • Optimice Cage Barbed Nozzle Rear Filter Cap: C7907RN
  • Optimice Cage Solid Rear Filter Cap: C7907RC
  • Optimice Cage Solid Front Filter Cap: C7907FC
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• Designed for home cage gas inhalation euthanasia
• Custom built for Optimice caging
• Filter caps with nozzles eliminate the need for a special cage lid
• Easy to snap on or remove, providing a secure and sealed fit

Thermoplastic HNA055

Can be sterilized at temperatures up to 160°C/320°F