Optimice Surgical Implant Feeder and Bottle Assembly

Your Ventilated Cage Can Accommodate Mice With Head Implants And Other Surgical Installations

Housing rodents with different types of head implants can be challenging due to the risk of damage to the implant. Damage occurs when implants are rubbed against various components of a standard rodent cage, most often the wire bar lid which holds the food and water bottle. The wire bar lid is usually removed from the cage, and consequently, food is placed on the floor and a solid or gel source of water is used. Food and water placed on the cage floor are easily contaminated and must be replaced daily or replenished at frequent intervals. Changing the cage environment or the food/water source can also cause undesirable non-experimental variables.

This Optimice Surgical Implant Feeder and Bottle Assembly is a one-piece component which contains both food and water. A trough feeder holds food pellets and the attached body houses the water bottle with only the sipper tube tip accessible to the mice. Mice do not have to bend or turn their heads to access a vertically placed water bottle, again minimizing risk of damage to their implant or surgical site.

Recommendations: Typically customers purchase these feeders when they are housing mice that could become physically injured if in contact with wire bars.

Typical products purchased with this feeder are:

  • Any Optimice cage bottom
  • Any Optimice cage top
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• Cage components that could damage implants and surgical sites are eliminated
• Clean and ample access to regular food and water
• Hang in place of the regular feeder
• Easy to wash and autoclave
• Easily topped up with food
• Physical modifications to the cage itself are not required

304L Stainless Steel

Feeder: 6 cubic in (100 cubic cm)
Bottle: 8 oz (236 mls)