Optimice Cage Stamped Perforated Floor

Wish You Had An Alternative To Traditional Wire Bar Tox Floors?

Many toxicology studies utilize non-solid floors since they facilitate controlled exposure to drugs and drug metabolites, eliminate bedding as an experimental variable and allow for more accurate feed consumption measurements. But many rodents show preferences for solid bottom bedded cages and certain designs of wire bar floors can predispose select animals to limb lesions and injuries, causing premature termination of a study or variable data.

Recommendations: For studies that don’t have absolute requirements for fasting or total isolation of urine and feces from the animal, we recommend using the floor that is gentlest on the feet.

Typical products purchased with this perforated floor are:

  • Optimice Cage Divider Kit for Use with Perforated Floors, Social Holes: C79172WM

(previously known as Optimice Cage Tox Floor)

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Mimics a solid bottom floor more closely than a wire bar floor
Perforation is more gentle on feet

Stamped from a flat sheet 304L Stainless Steel