Mouse Inhalation Cage Top C79400Mouse Inhalation Cage Top C79400

Optimice Inhalation Cage Top

Humane introduction of gases into the Home Cage

This cage lid  with an integrated gas port (1/4″ barb) can be used to introduce gases such as Isoflurane and C02 to the home cage, to avoid stressing mice by moving them to a new environment.

Recommendations: Many customers consult with our veterinarian to determine the most humane way to introduce gases to mice.

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• Compatible with all Mouse cage bottoms
• Inhalation port allows controlled introduction of various gases for home cage administration
• Ergonomic clips for fastening lid


Barbed nozzle:
0.25″ (0.64 mm)

Cage Top Dimensions
Back width: 4.05″ (10.3 cm)
Front width: 11.59″ (29.4 cm)
Length: 13.14″ (29.4 cm)
Height: 1.35” (3.43 cm)