Optimice loft mouse cage enrichment red C43261Optimice loft mouse cage enrichment red C43261

Optimice Loft

A Complex and Versatile Mouse Cage Enrichment

The Optimice loft mouse cage enrichment expands the floor area of the Optimice cage by 19 square inches (122 square centimeters). However, it does much more than that. It’s multipurpose enrichment that provides a host of benefits to your animals. The loft allows mice to compartmentalize their cage, which reduces stress. Mice will segregate the space to nest in, play in, avoid cage-mates, use as a bathroom, or seek refuge in during cage floods. Both the upper and lower spaces have multiple entry/exit holes. The space beneath the loft mouse cage enrichment is compact and partly enclosed, an optimal area for mice to make their nest in. The loft material is high-temperature polysulfone, which is autoclavable up to 285 degrees F (140 C).

The loft fits snugly in the front left corner of the cage and is secured in place by the cage top. It is compatible with Blockparty cages, all feeders, internal water bottles, and auto-water cages.

The standard material is red polysulfone.

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  • Expands floor area by 19 square inches (122 square centimeters)
  • Provides a complex environment and allows mice to segregate their cage space
  • Enables quick access with multiple entries/exits
  • Acts as a refuge
  • Compact and partly enclosed space beneath the loft
  • Made of sturdy polysulfone capable of high-temperature autoclaving

High Temperature Polysulfone

Autoclavable to 141ºC (285ºF)