Preference Bottle Only C79135Preference Bottle Only C79135

Optimice Standard Preference Bottle

Wish you could easily measure how much or what your mice drink?

Preference Bottle Only

It is sometimes necessary to calculate how much water a group or individual mouse is consuming especially if medication is provided in the water or when different compounds are used in preference studies. Most cages use one un-metered water bottle requiring a rough estimation of water volume consumed through visual inspection. The holder assembly allows two bottles to be used at the same time for preference studies, or various combinations of drugs and/or plain water. Windows at the front of the holder permit graduations to be viewed without removing bottles. Animal Care Systems metering water bottles are constructed with smaller milliliter graduations, allowing you to view the level and easily see the total amount of water consumed. If drugs or other medications are used, this also allows more precise calculation of the compounds ingested.

Recommendations: These bottles provide an excellent alternative to weighing or visually marking up the sides of water bottles, normally seen as a home-made option in animal facilities. These bottles are drip resistant and have increments on the side for easy logging of data.

Typical products purchased with this metering bottle assembly are:

  • Light Resistant Preference Bottle Only: C79135A
  • Optimice Preference Bottles with Holder: C79125
  • Optimice Light Resistant Preference Bottles with Holder: C79125A
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• Ideal for water consumption or preference studies
• Easy to remove and replace cap
• Includes cap
• Requires holder included with C79125 and C79125A
• Provides an easy solution for using medications with automatic watering
• Autoclavable

Bottle: Polypropylene
Cap: 316L Stainless Steel

60 mL

1 x metering bottle