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Atmospheric oxygen and individual culture are standard embryo culture conditions, the effect of combining them when investigated shows that cleavage
Researchers need an embryonic stem cell line that is able to participate in the formation of chimeric animals even after
The sexual signals associated with infection risks provide genotype-dependent mobilization of the innate immunity without significant activation of physiological stress
Validating GSK-3β as a relevant therapeutic target in the identification of new therapies for bipolar patients. Mice were housed in
These results indicate that Hamp1 induction by food deprivation is independent of HFE and suggest that targeting the pathway regulated
For C57BL/6J male mice, postnatal day 60 is the earliest time point at which the skull achieves its adult shape
The findings suggest that graft-infiltrating PD-L1hi CD-DCs may play a key role in the regulation of alloimmunity and in the
The morphophysiological effects of integrating the transgenic construction providing the production of the human granulocyte–macrophage colony-stimulating factor in the milk
This paper reports a novel Cntn5 knockout mouse line generated by a random transgene integration as an outcome of pronuclear