Animal Care Systems manufactures the original
motor-free carousel design rodent caging system.

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Is it possible to maintain germ-free animals on an Animal Care Systems rack? The answer is yes!

Friday 02/20/15

Read how Boston Children’s hospital has successfully proven that maintaining germ-free animals at the cage level utilizing an Animal Care Systems Optimice® rack

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The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, established in 1994, is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in...

Ms. Karen Brennan


I am a basic researcher with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience who has been working with rodents and rodent caging for about 18 years. Animal...

Sharon Low-Zeddies, Ph.D.

Falls Church, Virginia

Since October 2006 The University of Melbourne Department of Medicine (RMH/WH) has been operating with 13 of our 20 OptiMICE racks...

Jennifer Davis

Department of Medicine (RMH/WH)

I find the ACS Ventilated Racks to be a superb addition to my Facility. They are easily moved from room to room. There is virtually...

Director, Defined Flora Mouse Facility

UCLA Radiation Oncology

We have had OptiMICE system in our facility for well over a year now. This design has allowed us to double our density. We now can...

Ed Delaney

Director of Facility Operations - ARCH

Dear Ed, I would like to congratulate you for the purchase of the new small rodent racks. I find this system superior in more than...

Vladimir Vrbanac, DVM

Zetter lab / Vascular Biology Department

We still think the most of our OptiMICE racks! They really have proven to be the best. We finally got rid of all our other cage...

Karen Delavan-Boorsma

Geron Corporation

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you our experiences with the M.I.C.E. caging system technology. Two years ago...

Pierre Lessard, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Director Animal Facility

We have used the OptiMICE system in our Institute very successfully. For our particular application we could not accommodate an IVC...

Allan Thornhill FIAT, RAnTech

Manager BSU, NACWO

We have received your cages for our testing procedures on our Lynx Tunnel Cage Washer. In accordance with our testing procedures we...

Donald M. Basil


When designing our In Vivo studies laboratory, we identified at the outset that we would install the M.I.C.E. units for rats and...

David Shackleford, PhD

Biopharmaceutics Section Leader

Monash Animal Services (MAS) is a department within Monash University charged with the responsibility for providing quality...

Rachel Borg

Operations Manager

We have been using OptiMICE cage for almost three years and we would like to convert all of our animal rooms in the future. We...

Kathy Tang


I am animal facility user since 2006. In August of 2008 Cell Signaling Laboratory (where I am completing my postdoctoral training)...

Patrycja Dubielecka, PhD.

Senior Research Fellow

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) is Australia's largest specialist Cancer Centre. Peter Mac offers the full range...

Tracy Helman

Animal Facilities Manager

QIMR has recently installed a complete Optimice/MICE system within its remodelled animal facility. Installation was completed using...

Alan Stockman

Building Services Engineer

The Queensland Institute of Medical Research is one of the largest medical research institutes in the southern hemisphere, with...

Suzanne Cassidy

Facility Manager

Nude Mice in the OptiMICE Cage System Nude mice are used by several research groups at QIMR for immunology and tumor expression...

Suzanne Cassidy

SAF Manager / QIMR

We have been using the new mice cage for the last two years. Comparing to the old one, we found it has two advantages: one is that...

Xiuli An, M.D, PhD

Red Cell Physiology Lab

I have 4 of these racks in place and have designed a new cancer center animal facility to include these racks. When that facility is...

Timothy D. Mandrell

Department of Comparative Medicine

We have been using the M.I.C.E. System for the past 4 years in our facility. We started with one rack and we now have approximately...

Director, Research Animal Facility

Consulting/Attending Veterinarian

"At this point in time I have expanded my use of the ACS caging system. First of course, the closed ventilation system works great....

Peter Rodriguez, BBA, LATG

Facility Manager, RAF

About Us

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Animal Care Systems manufactures the only motor-free rodent caging system in the industry. Combining “twice the mice” density with our unique carousel design, our caging provides a microenvironment that is free of noise, vibration and ultrasound, creating a variable-free environment. We have established a stellar reputation for our superior customer service and product support.

Established in 1997, Animal Care Systems is the first caging systems company in the industry founded by a veterinarian with experience in directing AAALAC-accredited animal care & use programs. Dr. Germain Rivard’s experience with animal facility planning, design and management produced the construction of the first Gene Transfer Technologies Training Center and Rodent Barrier Facility for genetically altered mouse colonies.


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The Optimice® System


May 24, 2015

9th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting

May 24-27 - Vancouver, Canada

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May 28, 2015

62nd Annual Japanese Association of Laboratory Animal Science Meeting

May 28-30 - Kyoto, Japan

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