Highest Cage Density in the Industry

Optimice is based on the patented direct exhaust ventilation technology used in the original M.I.C.E. system. Optimice uses the density-value equation to achieve the highest cage density in the industry. Optimice can be positioned against a wall or next to another rack. There’s no need to waste space with large aisles, and no need to move racks for access: Simply rotate the carousel to bring the cages to you.

Because there are no motors, noise, or vibration, Optimice creates a low-stress, non-variable environment, ideal for housing and breeding research mice and delicate strains. Animals are fully protected in Optimice cages, and odors and allergens are contained, providing the best possible system for optimizing space and enhancing the quality of life for animals and their caregivers.

  • Small footprint
  • Fits through standard 36-inch (91 cm) door with cages removed
  • Simple and lightweight, full rack with cages weighs only 558 lbs (253 kg)
  • Ultra-high density
  • No motors, blowers, noise, or vibration
  • Eliminates odors and allergens in the animal room
  • Variable-free environment
  • Complete bio-containment and isolation
  • Low-velocity, one-pass airflow with total volume air changes
  • Lightweight, easy and low cost to maintain
  • Fast and easy cage filter replacement
  • Available single-use caging, interchangeable in Optimice® racks
  • Optional automatic watering options
Included Caging Includes 100 mouse cage assemblies with filters, feeders, cage card holders, cage cards, and water bottles (if so configured), available in polycarbonate (M suffix), amber polysulfone (P suffix), or smoke polysulfone (S suffix)
Rack Dimensions with Cages 39.7” (1008 mm) L x 39.0” (991 mm) W x 76.5” (1943 mm) H
Rack Only Dimensions 39.7” (1008 mm) L x 33.7” (856 mm) W x 76.5” (1943 mm) H
Airflow Requirments 60 CFM (28 liters/sec) recommended, 40 CFM (19 liters/sec) minimum per rack
Rack Weight 558 lbs (253 kg) with cages; 573 lbs (260 kg) with autowater
Cage Outside Dimensions 13.5” (343 mm) L x 11.5” (292 mm) W (front) x 6.1” (155 mm) H
Cage Floor Area 75 square inches (484 square centimeters)
Cage Capacity (5) 25g mice
Cage Material Makrolon® polycarbonate or Udel® polysulfone (amber or smoke color)
Cage Feeder Polished stainless steel wire, 17 oz (0.51 liter) capacity
Cage Water Bottle 13.5 oz (400 ml)
Cage Enrichment Raised shelves at front and rear of cage