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David Shackleford, PhD
Biopharmaceutics Section Leader

When designing our In Vivo studies laboratory, we identified at the outset that we would install the M.I.C.E. units for rats and mice. This was partly because M.I.C.E. racks were already being used in one of the other laboratories within the facility, but also because of the experienced, professional and consultative approach demonstrated by Graham and the staff of Australian Animal Care Systems. They were extremely helpful in providing rapid turnaround of quotes, and then when our order was placed, we were kept fully informed of the delivery status of the equipment.

Having now had over 18 months of experience with the units, I can honestly say that we have no issues with the product. The ease of cleaning of the caging (we use an industrial dishwasher) and effective removal of animal odours from the laboratory ensures that our laboratory space is maintained at the highest standards of cleanliness.

A particular advantage of this system is its highly modular nature, which lends it to ready expansion; we currently have a reasonably small installation (a 14-cage MICE for rats unit, and a 28-cage MICE for mice unit); however if the need arises, we are able to increase our holding capacity with minimal modification to our current setup.