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New Jersey Medical School

Director, Research Animal Facility
Consulting and Attending Veterinarian

We have been using the M.I.C.E. System for the past 4 years in our facility. We started with one rack, and we now have approximately 55 racks.
We are gradually converting to all M.I.C.E. cages. Our new Transgenic Facility will be opening next month, and we are using the M.I.C.E. system. The following features are what convinced us to switch to M.I.C.E. ventilated racks:

  1. Not electrically powered, so there is no heat accumulation from motors
  2. Ditto: No problem if there is a power outage
  3. Ditto, so there is no vibration of the racks
  4. They come in modular units, so they can be used in smaller and larger areas. The units hold anywhere from 14 cages to 112 cages
  5. We do use them for Biocontainment ABSL-2
  6. The water bottles/sipper tubes are easy to reach for the mice
  7. Ditto, food is easy to reach
  8. The cages provide environmental enrichment, since the mice are able to climb around the cage on the ledges and on the sipper tubes
  9. Need changing only once every or every other week so saves man power
  10. Gentle air changes that does not bother the mice and keeps the animals comfortable

If you want more information, you are welcome to call me.