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PRADO, Preclinical Research and Development Organization – Pune, India

USA’s Animal Care Systems installs their Individual Ventilated Cage Systems at PRADO, First Installation in India.

PRADO, Preclinical Research and Development Organization Private Limited, Pune India, is one of the emerging, global, independent market leaders providing preclinical services including Toxicity testing, Efficacy studies using Animal Models for human disease, Pharmacokinetic Studies and Pathology Services to Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Pesticides and Agrochemicals and Animal Health Care industries. PRADO has installed Animal Care Systems’ exhaust ventilated systems with the aim to enhance the quality of preclinical studies and to reduce further the turnaround time for its valuable clients, thereby making the health care products available to humans in a shortest possible time to meet the regulatory requirements.

Animal Care System has invented a new style of individually ventilated rodent cages. The revolutionary motor-free caging system and ‘Direct Exhaust Method’ improves the air quality for animals, personnel, and the room, thus providing an optimal microenvironment for the rodents as well as a convenience for the study personnel that work with the animals. The specific caging systems do not use electricity and are also free from noise, vibration, and ultrasound, creating a variable-free environment for better animal welfare.

We recommend Animal Care System’s OptiRat and ErgoMice as they are very easy to use, need less training for animal attendants, more studies can be conducted in less space, man and material movement can be controlled, thus studies becomes cost effective. I think, surely there is a return in investment for this cage system. The system is a gift for those who are willing to use their available space wisely.