Changeout rack protective cover C49164Changeout rack protective cover C49164

Changeout Rack Protective Cover

Protect Your Equipment

The high volume of activity in vivariums create mounds of dust and dirt that surreptitiously settles on clean equipment. You spend a lot of time washing and sterilizing equipment and once it is clean, you want to keep it that way! Expensive downtime can be reduced substantially with proper protection.

Utilize this cover to protect your clean and/or sterile equipment. Not only does this cover protect rack equipment from dust while in storage, it prevents cross contamination during transport of clean caging and materials. For staff who handle and transport soiled animal caging, these covers shield people and other equipment in the facility from allergens and contaminants.

Recommendations: Typically customers use these covers to put a barrier between carousel racks and corridors, for staging of dirty cages on racks and for storage of clean cages on racks

Typical products purchased with this cover are:

  • Full size carousel racks
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• Compatible with Optimice, GenII and Optirat Plus carousel style racks
• Can be washed and autoclaved
• Zipper closure
• Reinforced to prevent tearing or ripping
• Folds easily for storage
• Custom colors available with a minimum order

• Thickly woven autoclavable polyester