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Reducing Exposure to Laboratory Animal Allergens

Ambient allergen concentrations were measured when mice were maintained under several conditions: conventional housing versus ventilated cage racks operated under negative or positive pressure. We found that housing mice in ventilated cages operated under negative pressure reduced ambient mouse allergen (Mus m 1) concentrations tenfold. Animal Care Systems is the original direct-exhaust negative pressure IVC System. Keywords: Room Ventilation, allergens, Laboratory Animal Allergy, ACH, air changes per hour; cfm, cubic feet per minute; air quality, negative exhaust, direct exhaust ventilation, EVC, filtered exhaust port

Schweitzer, Isabelle B.; Smith, Ellen; Harrison, David J.; Myers, David D.; Eggleston, Peyton A.; Stockwell, Jason D.; Paigen, Beverly; Smith, Abigail L. Reducing Exposure to Laboratory Animal Allergens. Comparative Medicine, Volume 53, Number 5, October 2003, pp. 487-492(6). http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/aalas/cm/2003/00000053/00000005/art00004