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Outbred CD1 mouse colonies with stable, complex gut microbial profiles were produced to be used as donors for a variety
A class of environmental compounds derived from dietary, microbial, and industrial sources that induce CD1d-dependent intestinal inflammation is identified, that
Data indicate that central nervous system glia are highly susceptible to regulation by low density lipoprotein-receptor related protein 1 (LRP1)
CBA mice are treated with cyclophosphamide and fragmented exogenous dsDNA develop a very characteristic set of symptoms and 80–90% of
Data suggests that NFIX plays a role in regulating progenitor cell biology within the embryonic and post-natal cerebellum, as well
The results emphasise the role of paternal effects of immune priming on the in utero environment and fetal growth. Mice
This study supports the idea that genes influence malformation risk following in utero alcohol exposure. This research supports the conclusion
This paper concludes that adult vitamin D deficiency was not associated with impaired proliferation or survival of adult born neurons
These data show that IL-6 improved mouse embryo development when cultured individually in complex media; however, an excess of IL-6