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The Institute of Cancer Research

Allan Thornhill FIAT, RAnTech
Manager BSU, NACWO

We have used the Optimice system in our institute very successfully.

For our particular application we could not accommodate an IVC rack in the room because of its dimensions and so we looked at Optimice as a solution. We can get 200 cages in the same floor area as 112 on an IVC.

We are also about to purchase more Optimice racks to replace Thoren Maximisers giving us an additional 900 cages on the same footprint.

With regard to the system, they are very different to a traditional IVC and should be considered in this way as you cannot compare them. They have a number of advantages over the traditional IVC in that there are no mechanical parts, motors etc.

They operate on negative air pressure as the air is drawn through the cage from front to back and exhausted via a central chimney. Despite being negative pressure, the air is filtered, and we have successfully maintained health NOD Scid and Athymic Nude mice in them.

They are simple to use and to move around, and the technicians like them because they can stand in one place and clean and check the whole rack.

Please do note hesitate to contact me directly if you would like more information.